Photography book available in Paperback and Ebook format

Do you want to turn your ordinary photographs into amazing images? It is quick and easy when you follow the steps in this book, paperback or ebook.

For use with any kind of camera, phone, point and shoot, DSLR or mirrorless. This book is for use to improve your composition, (what things you put in your images). It teaches you what to look for in a captivating image...How to position your camera to control what is in your frame, what to put in, and what to leave out.

Did you just get a new camera or phone and are excited to take pictures, but don’t know where to start to improve? This is a step by step guide with over 100 examples to help you start advancing right away.

  • 15 topics are easy to understand and easy to incorporate in your own photos. Explanations and multiple samples are provided.

  • 22 Practical Applications will help you hone your skills.

  • Over 100 examples to show you exactly how to apply what you learn.

Examples include something for everyone: landscape, macro, cityscape, nature, wildlife, and still life photography.

Topics include: framing, color combinations, texture & layering, open & closed composition, contrasting images, how to show motion, telling a story, and more.

Added bonus, this book can be used as a workbook for a photography class or for a home school fine arts class. Practical applications, rubrics, and a final are included.

Makes a great gift for the tween or teen that loves to take pictures, but needs some guidance with their skills or the beginning photography hobbyist that would love to improve quickly.

Meet the authors.

Most of the photographs are by Linda Nickell, a Texas-based photographer and the host of a weekly photography webinar series, the Happiness Hour. As an active user of Instagram (@CoznLinda), she curates multiple feature accounts to inspire and promote the work of other photographers.

Linda has been recognized by as one of the “Top 25 Travel Photographers to Follow on Instagram.” In 2021, named her their top pick in their article, “Top 10 Landscape Photographers in Houston” and in 2019, listed her as one of “The 9 Best Landscape Photographers in Houston.” Her images have been published and licensed for commercial use in print and digitally.

Karen Riley is an experienced art teacher who has successfully developed an integrated art program at her school that includes, art skills, art history, history, and even some science. Teaching skills to others in an understandable way is her passion.

From Idea to E-book to Amazon… (and All the Steps in Between)

Have you ever dreamed about writing a book?

Now you can by following these steps and it is easier than you think!

All the information that you need to publish an e-book, paperback, or hardcover… or all three.

Clear concepts and 12 helpful worksheets are included to help you organize your thoughts and content.

Get started today!

E-book option or Paperback on Amazon


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