Growing Your Own Potatoes

Russet and Sweet Potatoes are easier to grown than you think!

Sweet Potatoes

I love them anyway you cook them!  My favorite way is to cook them in the oven for about an hour or until they are soft in the middle when you squeeze them slightly with an oven mitt.

June 2022 - I bought 5 Pumpkin Yam sweet potato slips from Baker Creek ( and they arrived in the mail, looking great!

I soaked them in water for 2 days according to the directions.

Sweet potatoes like sandy soil so I will be planting these in grow bags with 40% perlite and the rest compost and soil.  I’ll add a little bone meal when I plant them to give them a boost of nitrogen and then water them thoroughly.

They like sun and heat so I will put them in a very sunny spot.

Here are the directions from Baker Creek, “Sweet potatoes love heat!  When soil is at least 50 degrees F and all risk of frost has passed, plant 3 nodes deep and 10-18” apart in rows spaced 32-48”.  Young plants need generous watering but become drought tolerant once established.  Harvest immediately after first frost.  Brush dirt from harvest tubers; avoid rinsing.  Cure in a warm, humid environment at 85 degrees for 5 days, then store in a cool, dark place.”

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